Being half Italian and half Chinese means that I grew up with food being a central part of my life. Celebrations revolved around feasts, conversations flourished at the dining table, and tantrums were tamed by chocolate. I’ve always had a passion for food and much of my life has just been about wanting it, eating it, and talking about it -- it was only five years ago, however, that I began cooking. It began as a necessity for life away from home but it soon became the only thing I wanted to do.

After 4 years of Psychology and Economics in university (the former I enjoyed, the latter sucked away my soul), I'm finally pursuing my dreams at Le Cordon Bleu in London.  I'm in school probably 50 hours a week and when I get home I still cook.  Cooking has been the most therapeutic thing in my life and it makes me happy.

*I'm the one with the chocolate egg

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