Monday, 30 June 2014

Blueberry Hazelnut Bars

Ok so you know in my last post I talked about graduation and leaving university and all those excuses for not updating for the past month - well I'm going to have to talk about that again because I made these for the last meal I had people over for.  It was a rainbow themed potluck where I assigned everyone a color and so there were green salads, sauteed carrots, tomato pasta etc etc.  It was awhile ago so I actually don't remember everything i made, but I remember these and they were soo good.  I know it seems like I say this about everything I cook, and it's obnoxious, but I honestly only say it when it's exceptional (ok I see why my dad thinks I'm arrogant). The original recipe was from BBC GoodFood, and it was a raspberry coconut almond thing, but I like blueberries and hazelnuts.  This is making me miss Scotland because the berries are just not as good here in Italy in the summer *sigh*. 

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Orange and Walnut Brittle

Okay okay okay, this is what happened in the last month -- I finished my exams, I had time off to do nothing and I didn't cook because I..don't know!  And then I graduated with a big proper ceremony with Latin and bagpipes, and I had a grad ball where I took 198 selfies and I have just left St Andrews.  It's funny, to think that I was a baby and complained and complained and complained nonstop for so long, right now it's kind of sad.  It's where I essentially grew up, as strange as it sounds seeing that I've only spent four years there.  I am not going to get all sentimental.  Yesterday, after saying goodbye to two good friends, I went to the supermarket and upon discovering that they ran out of raspberries, I cried.  On a side note, I'm so glad it's berry season here in Scotland.

But yea.  So that's that.  University's done.  My friends are going all over the place but no matter where they are, some of them I will keep in touch with and with some I won't, even if they've been one of my best friends in these years.  I know it sounds weird but unfortunately it's.. yea.  It sucks to say goodbye with "it's been great knowing you".  But hey I should start talking about this brittle.

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