Monday, 23 February 2015

L'ETO Caffé Brompton (London)

With already six locations in London and having opened only in 2011, the L’ETO’s caffé and restaurant chain has seen a lot of success. It is a simple business concept done well as it caters to a wide audience from the young to the families, the couples, the city workers, the fitness freaks and the sweet tooths. And after visiting their newest branch on Brompton Road for brunch, I’d say that its popularity is justified.

Apt for its location, the restaurant itself boasts sophistication and class with high ceilings, dark hardwood floors, round marble tables, Victorian chairs -- it’s a place screaming cha-ching. Yet despite all this, it is reasonably priced as for brunch you’re looking at £9-12 without drinks. Thus with its pricing plus the appropriate music and service, instead of a snobbery atmosphere, it’s casual and chic.
The brunch options are aplenty. There’s an impressive display of luscious cakes and pastries on black slate boards, and next to it are rows of colorful Ottolenghi-esque salads and other savory treats like quiches and fish cakes. From the menu there are varied pancakes, crepes, egg dishes, toast dishes and healthier dishes like quinoa granola.
All the food came in gorgeous china plates. The cured salmon on rye was a favorite, with thick slices of beetroot-stained salmon draped over a piece of nutty rye bread. You get touches of heat and acidity and crunch from the avocado spread in between, which had chilli, lemon and pumpkin seeds. The French toast was how it was meant to be: like a pillow with crispy edges. It was accompanied by a sweet cinnamon-packed plum compote and tart roasted plums. The former was sublime but the latter could’ve had more cooking.

The pancakes looked promising with their golden crust and their impressive height and it came with drizzled honey and baked ricotta. Unfortunately, whilst being perfectly fluffy and soft, they were far too oily and eventually approaching to sickening by the third bite.

The drinks menu is a booklet listing dozens of different flavored coffees, teas, cocktails and smoothies. We had opted for a raspberry lassi and a coconut smoothie, and both were deliciously fresh and neither too sweet.

Their advertised concept is simple and familiar – quality local ingredients lovingly prepared in house to produce delicious food etc etc.  At the end of the day, this restaurant has become a small chain because it’s ticked all the important boxes: good location, good atmosphere, a good variety of dishes made and presented well, and the right pricing.

L'ETO Brompton
243 Brompton Road,
020 7854 2860
Mon - Wed: 9am – 10pm
Thu-Sat: 9am – 11pm Sun: 9am – 10pm

Photo credits to Nick Bell

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