Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Queensbury Kitchen (London)

Located all the way out in Willesden Green, the Queensbury Kitchen claims to bring something different to the local area.  Perhaps.  It's a straightforward bar and grill serving the expected ribs, burgers and fried chicken, but I rarely venture out to Willesden Green, I wouldn't know.  That said, it does what it does well.

It's friendly and social as it's one of those food-sharing restaurants.  Not the ones serving dainty little small plates but ones with large platters and wooden planks of meat and sliders placed in the middle of long communal tables.  It's what you want for that kind of food, where you're not afraid to reach over the table and eat with your hands and shamelessly lick your fingers.  For rich fatty ribs - which are actually worth the trip to Willesden Green - it came big and bold in two racks, and were sweet and smokey and falling apart at the touch of your fork; for the fried chicken wings - spicy, juicy, crispy and so good that you're there picking off the remaining fried crumbs scattered at the bottom; for the sliders - both meat and vegetarian, served in cute traditional American burger buns.

 There were many good dishes, but surprisingly in such a restaurant one of my favorite dishes was their vegetarian sliders.  I'm a happy carnivore but I fully appreciate a chef that can make a veggie burger good because it's difficult.  Because wherever you go it's a bland bean patty or a boring haloumi.  The Queensbury Kitchen one was delightful.  The patty has a fried crisp coating, and as you bite into it you get the hot softened feta cheese and the mixture of mashed and whole chickpeas.  It is very simple with no relishes, but it's got sweetness balancing everything out from the sauce and the buns.
The only side dish worth raving about was their baked beans - homemade and distinctly different from the Heinz in that they were very smokey and rich (baked beans as a side?  Yea I don't know why, but they were good).   The desserts were simple -- the "churros" with chocolate sauce came as large beignets, but despite the initial confusion, they were made light and soft and altogether quite pleasant with the sauce.  There was also the brownie, which was as good a brownie can be - dense and fudge-like, kept warm with cold ice cream on top.
 The list of cocktails was short but interesting.  Noteworthy mentions are the avocado and vodka, which was essentially your morning smoothie with a kick; and the mango chilli caiprioska, which really spices up your taste buds. 

I hear that brunch there is good - I managed to sample some of the blueberry French toast and they were almost like flans.  If you're around Willesden Green, The Queensbury Kitchen will be a treat.  If not, venturing all the way out to the area can help you explore more of London and hey, the ribs and the rest of the aforementioned dishes are worth ordering. 

The Queensbury Kitchen
68 Walm Lane
020 8451 3332
Mon - Sat: 9am -11pm
Sun: 9pm - 10pm

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