Saturday, 11 August 2012

Salmon Tofu Cakes

Nothing beats the sense of satisfaction of receiving the money you earned.  I remember my first ever paycheck, it was for an article I had written for a magazine in Beijing.  I was 15 and overjoyed.  I have no idea what I spent it on but I blew it all really quickly.  Now I'm working as a waitress, and while I may earn a lot less than they do in the States, UK, Scandinavian countries and other more civilized countries, I still feel incredibly proud at the end of each day when they give me my pay.  It really is exhausting though.  Today was my third day.  Yesterday and the day before went by smoothly, today I had spilled a beer, got a couple of orders wrong, and had a customer leave without paying.  Third day, so they're still quite forgiving.  So it really is exhausting.  No time for proper cooking, but look, ah finally a low-carb fish cake where you make it in a food processor, which you can then grill and wham it's done.

125g firm tofu
50g canned salmon
1 egg
1 sprig parsley
flour, as needed

Put the tofu, salmon, egg and parsley in a food processor and whizz until chunky. Stir in seasoning and flour, as much as you need to be able to form them into patties.  Heat the grill on high.  Rub the patties with some oil and grill a few minutes on each side.  

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