Sunday, 12 May 2013

Favorite Sandwiches

Did you know that it's British National Sandwich Week?  Did you also know that I'm the most socially awkward girl when it comes to boys?  I told that fact to a guy I liked today.  We were just texting, he said he was having some sandwiches, and I said did you know it was the National Sandwich Week? And yes, the conversation ended there.  Mmhmm.

It's not only just the things I say.  Once I was at his place and it was so late in the evening that I was absolutely exhausted and was not mentally capable of behaving appropriately...He tried to hold my hand or play with my fingers or whatever, and my response was, "What are you doing?"

Also.  Once a guy took me to watch the fireworks and he kind of just held me from behind, and rather than leaning in or holding his hand or turning and smiling at him, I just stood there.  Stiff as a corpse. 

So.  In honor of the embarrassing moment, I have decided to share with you some of my favorite sandwiches.  Well, I've never actually made/had any of these but these are my favs from the web. 

While that man may have not given a sh#t about National Sandwich Week, I hope you will celebrate this week by making yourself some fancy sandwiches instead of the usual ham and cheese/pb&j and whatnot. 

Smashed Avocado and Chickpea Sandwich from Breanna's Recipe Box
I like avocados and I like chickpeas so this just sounds amazing.  

A Tomato Sandwich Worthy of a little Bacon from Food 52
This has got bacon in the aioli!  It's amazing!  Bacon and avocado aioli!  
Truffle Foie Gras Sandwich from Le Zoe Musings.  I mean this just speaks for itself really.
Aubergine and Prosciutto Sandwich from Quando Pasta. 
It's simple and I just love it.
Crispy Tofu Sandwich with Sweet Potato Pumpkin Spread from Lunch Box Bunch Oh that spread sounds amazing doesn't it??
And finally.  Roasted Aubergine and Pickled Beet Sandwich from Bon Appetit.  Yes. 

These sandwiches will make your day better *sigh*

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