Friday, 19 July 2013

Cashew Stroopwafel Truffles

Homemade truffles may be the best gift for people - it requires minimal kitchen equipment, ingredients, and effort, yet they yield a high return.  They are dainty and delicious -- and therefore are considered as very thoughtful gifts.

You can do the classic chocolate truffles with a mixture of melted chocolate and cream, with the optional extra flavoring like spices, zests and whatever you want.  These are made with cashew butter and stroopwafel pieces and are coated in dark chocolate - so they're actually quite healthy, as are most of the things I make.  The stroopwafels lends its nice burnt caramel flavor to the earthy cashews and the bittersweet chocolate resulting in just the most amazing truffles. 

Makes about 22 truffles
200g cashews
1/2 a stroopwafel
pinch of sea salt flakes
100g dark chocolate

Toast the cashew nuts in a dry hot pan or in an oven at 180C for about 5-10 minutes until fragrant. Leave to cool.

Put the nuts in a food processor and whizz for 5-10 minutes depending on the strength of your food processor, but it should end up a smooth paste. Add a pinch of sea salt flakes, mix, then break the stroopwafel into pieces and mix.

Form the cashew butter mix into little balls and put them onto baking paper lined baking trays. Put in the fridge and let chill for about 15 minutes.

Melt the chocolate over a double boiler (put in a heat-resistant bowl over a pot of simmering water - make sure the water doesn't touch the bowl, and mix until melted).

Dip the cashew balls into the chocolate and place them back onto the baking tray. Put them back in the fridge or if you're in a hurry, put them in the freezer, and wait until the chocolate firms up.


  1. Maria, your blog is the best food blog. These look delicious. So good.

  2. Thanks for posting this recipe.


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