Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Table for one, please.

Yes, I'm that person that goes to restaurants by herself.  It's a treat for me.  I'm also that person that goes to one coffee/lunch/dinner/drinks date after another, trying to fit in as many social functions into my diary as possible, with a smile glued on my face, ready to be engaged, ask questions, listen and chat away and all the mean time keeping up with social media, replying to texts and Facebook and Whatsapp messages and...yea.  I actually love being alone sometimes where it's just me and my thoughts.

I often take these "me" days to do everything I love by myself.  Obviously, as a foodie, I would book a table for one at a really nice restaurant.  Savor each bite, taking in all the ingredients and becoming conscious of all the textures and flavors and temperatures.  Really enjoying and understanding every mouthful without the distraction of the conversation with someone else.  I can't just shut the other person up with each course, "excuse me, would you mind if we resumed this conversation after I'm done with the lamb? I won't get the full effect otherwise."  Try that.  See, I find that when I eat at a restaurant alone, I eat a lot slower and I really do appreciate the food more. 

Sometimes I'd bring a book but often I don't bother.  Not when I'm in a nice restaurant at least.  In a cafe I would.  I'll be honest, when I first started doing this I felt embarrassed and kept awkwardly checking my phone like I was so busy.  Now I can comfortably sit there by myself, sip wine, nibble on bread while I wait for my courses to arrive.  I just sit there and enjoy the time all dedicated to myself.  Selfish time where I don't have to talk to people and ask them how they've been and how they think of this, this and this. No, I can sit there and think about myself and how I've been and evaluate my opinions on the lamb.  It is most relaxing.

I'm currently working as a hostess at a restaurant.  You know what I do?  I smile and make small chat to the guests and bring them to their tables.  My job is to smile and be friendly.  You have no idea how much I need those lunches alone where I can just have my normal b*tch face on (I say this because I realized when I'm on the streets, now during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where flyer-ers swarm the streets, I never get flyered.  I have a b*tch face).   Hah yet even with my b*tch face eating alone at a restaurant I don't worry about the waiters wondering if I have no friends.  I've waitressed, let me tell you, there are more interesting diners to take notice of.

So this is why I like to eat out at restaurants alone.  Others may view the matter differently but for me it's the ultimate indulgence.  Try it out.  It's okay, nobody will judge.

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