Thursday, 29 January 2015

Best Eats This Week - Sugar Cured Prawn Omelette with Chilli Sambal

Going out for breakfast is always a treat because it is hard to justify.  Lunch and dinner are proper meals where you can claim to be short on time, a bad cook and/or lazy, but breakfast -- breakfast is where cereal, oats and toast are sufficient.  In addition, personally I'm one who wakes up hungry and needs food immediately, thus waiting a minimum of one hour and a half to get dressed, commute to a restaurant and place an order before eating anything is an unappealing prospect to me.  However, despite it all, last Sunday morning I patiently joined the steady queue outside The Modern Pantry and it was worth it all.
I had one of their signature dishes: Sugar cured prawn omelette with chilli sambal.  A good omelette is hard to come by.  As much as I love cooking, it's a dish I reserve for restaurant chefs to make.  And just a good plain omelette is delicious in its simplicity as it's all about the texture and the richness of the eggs and butter.  The Modern Pantry's upgraded version was actually mind-blowing.

It was beautiful in sight -- evenly bronzed and puffed with greens and prawns poking out, a small dollop of chilli on top and two pieces of buttered sourdough on its side.  It was still a bit runny on the inside and it was generously filled with fresh and spicy spring onions along with ever so perfectly cooked prawns that were sweet and succulent.   They're cured for 24 hours in an abundance of South East Asian spices and condiments like fish sauce, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass.  The sambal was smoky with the heat on the mild side as to not cover any of the other elements.  The level of depth was astounding and it was a dish that got me excited from beginning to end. 

Owner and chef Anna Hansen herself described the dish as having "the perfect balance of flavour, texture and aroma".  I could not agree more.

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