Thursday, 15 December 2011

Crostini with Peas, Onion Chutney and Cheese

I'm finally on holiday.   Yes, I have exams right after my holiday in January but it's okay because I am giving myself a couple of days to just rest and cook and be happy.  I've got a stollen currently resting happily in my warm and cozy room, ready to be in the oven in about half an hour.  I've got my suitcase open, ready to be packed.  I've got my laundry done.  It's all good.  I'm leaving tomorrow to go back hom to sunny Italy at 17C.

Hopefully the stollen will be good, here's an easy and elegant appetizer that you could serve on Christmas my case I just ate it as a mid afternoon snack.

These are pretty self-explanatory.

You get your bread nice and toasted, rub on some garlic, spread on chutney, cooked peas and top it off with some hard cheese and thyme sprigs.  Bake at 200C for just a couple of minutes until the cheese melts. Mmmm.

I'll be back soon with my stollen and other Christmas goodies. xxx

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  1. "One day at a time
    I'm hiding from the razor-blade
    Just hangin' in the kitchen"


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