Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Best of 2014

This year I've moved to London and I've started culinary school, so I've eaten out a lot more and so I've posted fewer recipes and more reviews.  However, as it's still a cooking blog, in my "Best of 2014" I'm just going to have my favorite recipes.  Yes, these are the best according to me.  Sometimes I look at the page views for different posts and get quite disappointed as the popularity is not proportional to the quality of the recipes.  I mean I personally have to say that all the recipes are good because I'm biased and shameless but.... Well, these recipes are my favorite from this year.

Best Dessert
This soft and moist Plum Cake.
I know, it seems quite simple, but it has mascarpone in the batter and the plums are roasted in the oven and become incredibly sweet and juicy.  Simplicity at its best. 

Best Sweet Breakfast
I was quite proud of these Garam Masala and Citrus Scones.  They were like chai latte in soft and fluffy scone form. 

Best Savory Breakfast
Homemade Beans on Toast 
Because it's better than Heinz (yes I said it).

Best Cookies
These Whole Vanilla Bean Biscuits are thin and crisp and with the whole vanilla bean in there, you can imagine how delightful they are.

Best Veggie
Got to trust Ottolenghi for good vegetable recipes.  This Roasted Butternut Squash with Brussels Sprouts Salsa has got so many lovely spices and flavors.  

Best Appetizer
Oh I loved this Carrot Terrine with Walnut Sauce.  It's layers of cooked carrots and goat's cheese with a light walnut sauce.  You can make this ahead of time too.

Best Fish
Salmon with Grapefruit Hollandaise 
It's poached in white wine, with a light hollandaise made with grapefruit juice and zest. 

Best Main Course
This Mac and Cheese changed my whole perspective of the dish -- it maximized its potential with anchovies, thyme, caramelized garlic, a mixture of gruyere, parmesan and cheddar.
Thank you for reading Happy Belly.  It's been another year of therapeutic blogging, cooking and eating for me.  Hope you've enjoyed it thus far.  

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