Friday, 19 December 2014

Miso Butter Beans & Sauerkraut on Toast

I was lost for words and thoughts and didn't know what to write in this post, so I actually found a prezi presentation on fun facts about sauerkraut.  I have to say, the word "fun" is used too liberally at times.  I do love presentations made with prezi though, so I still spent a good couple of minutes of my life watching the whole presentation. I love that under the heading of "Sensory Perceptions", after "sour", "salty" and "sulphuric", they've put "divisive in opinion".
I love random facts and would like to think I have quite a large collection of fun trivia in my mind, however, they're so useless that they have rarely even been helpful in pub quizzes.   Fun facts and one-liners.  I use the two to break awkward silences...which don't always alleviate the situation but you can't please everyone. 
But let's talk miso and sauerkraut. They're both staples in my fridge and.. it kind of works surprisingly.  There's also some mirin for sweetness.  The leeks may be redundant, I have to admit.  They don't do much, I have to be honest.  If I were you I wouldn't really bother with it.

Butter beans, cooked
Miso paste

Drain the butter beans if from can and put in a blender and blitz until smooth.  Season with miso paste and mirin to taste. 

Chop the leeks and sweat in butter over low heat until softened. 

Spread the butter bean puree on a slice of toasted bread, top with sauerkraut and cooked leeks. 


  1. Love the sound of this! I am pretty much down for anything served on toast :)


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