Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Best Eats This Week: YO! Sushi's New #YOLO Dishes

YO! Sushi has changed gears and launched three dishes for the summer that are fantastically fun and exciting. It's the theme of "East meets West" which, yes, has been done to death, but they deserve a good pat on the back for this one.

 The new series of limited edition #yolo dishes will only be on the menu for a few weeks.  These include J-Dog:  Japanese arabiki sausage in a brioche bun topped with spring onions, nori, crunchy shallots, misotchup, teriyaki -- and it comes with a cute little Sriracha keychain.   Flavor and textural sensation and the best thing is you get to have hot sauce on the go at the end of it,  if anything, that's your reason for ordering it.
The Furi Furi Fries come in a quirky foil bag with the seasoning pack stapled onto it, and that pack is damn good.  It was an array of Japanese wonders including sesame seeds and bonito flakes, giving the thin crispy fries an umami coating and that's all you need for the fries, nothing else.
 Finally their Japple Pie - the ultimate fun, childish and indulgent treat.  Coming to you with a scoop of sesame ice cream in a wafer cone, topped with tangy freeze-dried raspberry crumbs, a syringe of miso caramel, two piping hot fried gyozas with apple filling and a chocolate pocky stick which is evocative of my Asian childhood.  Other than the gyozas being slightly on the oily side, it was great as it's a dish that makes you chuckle in delight.
 #yolo and these dishes are very limited indeed, so pop over to a YO! Sushi near you to sample these before they take it away from the conveyor belts.

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