Sunday, 14 June 2015

Maison Blanc's Summer Range

I love the change of seasons because it inspires the entire food industry to launch new items.  The progression to Summer is a favorite as everyone goes towards lighter, fresher and more colorful food, especially in the UK, as it suffers from winters of achromatic produce and so summer just brings a whole new food scene.
Maison Blanc has recently launched their summer range of sweet treats.  I sampled them on a warm  Saturday in their picturesque Hampstead location.  All very attractive, and lots of fruits, especially berries, as one would imagine.  There are three vibrant macarons - Blackberry, Ispahan and Lemon, of which the first two have berries generously nestled in between, but then the Lemon is particularly tangy and nice.  Aesthetically they lacked uniformity unfortunately, and the domes were not perfectly smooth -- but they don't disappoint in terms of taste.  Also included are three cute cupcakes - Strawberry Cream, Lemon Curd and Choco Berry.  The frosting's soft and creamy, with the sponge sweet and moist (everyone hates this word but it's only good in the context of cakes).

Lastly are their  two tarts - Lemon Hibiscus and Tarte Aux Fraises, which are both just so delicate and pretty.  The former has this lovely light pink mousse topped with rose petals, and the latter has a surprise pistachio frangipane underneath the cream.  The pastry cases were perfect in both.
 Maison Blanc's new series of summer treats are apt for the season.  No new mind-blowing flavors, but they've picked the right classic French pastries for al fresco breakfasts in London.  Or afternoon teas, or impromptu snacks, or they make great gifts as well.

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