Saturday, 17 November 2012

Home-Cured Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Had some difficulties back home, but then this morning I hopped on a bus to Edinburgh and it was sunny and oh when I'm in sunny Edinburgh I'm just a ball of sunshine myself. 
I almost never buy those jarred sun-dried tomatoes, not even in Italy.  They'll never be as good as the ones you make at home. The key lies in the olive oil, really.  Unless you pay an extortionate price, the olive oil used in commercial sun-dried tomatoes are never good quality.  So for this, please use the best olive oil that you can afford.  Trust me, it will be worth it. 

Sun-dried tomatoes (the ones that you can find in packs. You may have to go to specialty shops)
White wine vinegar
Capers (the ones in salt and not in oil)
Garlic cloves
The best extra virgin olive oil you can afford
Optional: oregano, bay leaves, canned sardines etc

Wash the sun-dried tomatoes as they are drenched in salt. 
Put them in a bowl, cover with white wine vinegar, and leave overnight.
Drain the tomatoes, but don't throw away the white wine vinegar.  Put the tomatoes in a jar, and depending on your taste, add a bit of the white wine vinegar.  Add enough olive oil to cover. 
I had about 400g of sun-dried tomatoes, and I added 3 tbsp of capers (washed to remove the salt), 2 crushed garlic cloves (no need to remove skin), and I also added 3 bay leaves
Leave to infuse and marinade for at least two weeks before consuming. 

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