Monday, 24 June 2013

Momos (Berlin)

I love vegan organic places and there are plenty of them in Mitte in Berlin.  This area is hipster central with a ridiculous number of organic shops and restaurants.  Many of these places just rob you blind, but Momo's is a cute little vegetarian (but with vegan options) organic restaurant serving Nepalese dumplings, aka momos, that's reasonably priced.
The place is quite small, as it says, it's more of a takeway.  It's got a couple of seats inside that would probably seat about 10, 15 people, and now in the summertime when you can enjoy a meal outdoors without your water turning into ice, they have some tables outside too.

The menu is simple - you get 4 options for fillings, 3 for dips, and you decide whether or not you want your momos fried or steamed.  For fillings the options are: spinach and cheese, potato and carrot, sweet potatoes, and tofu.  The latter two are with some herbs or vegetables too I believe.  And with dippings you get a choice of spicy tomato, yogurt and soy.  I decided to go for the conventional soy dipping sauce along with the 3 vegan dumplings.  They have these combo options that are fantastic because it makes decision-making so much easier. 

Let's just first talk about the dumpling skin, that was what I was most impressed with.  Light and thin and slightly sticky, it was perfect.  That's the most difficult thing to get right, the dough.  I'm easily frustrated with thick doughy dumpling skins.  In terms of fillings, the tofu was a bit boring, it was very plain, but the potato and the sweet potato ones were delicious.  For 12 dumplings it was €4.50, and for 20 it's €6.50.  If you're hungry, go for the latter, I went there for breakfast. 

Check the place out, the people are friendly, the environment is cute, and the food is good.

Fehrbelliner Strasse 5
10119 Berlin

Opening times:
Mon-Thu: 12:00-19:30
Fri: 12:00-21:00
Sat: 13:00-21:00

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