Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sun Day Burgers (Berlin)

Most carnivores will frown upon the following statement... I prefer veggie burgers to normal burgers.  There, I said it. 

A juicy beef patty with plenty of garnish and sauces all sandwiched between two fresh buns can be excellent, but I've had much more exciting veggie burgers.  Patties made with beetroot and rice, eggplant and mushrooms, lentils and veggies, together with spices and herbs and sauces... They're fantastic. 

Sun Day Burgers is a little street food stall in Berlin specializing in vegan burgers.  I had the fortune of having one of these on a sunny day in Mauerpark.  It's a big flea market with lots of music and grass and activities,  filled with couples, families and friends having picnics.  I love picnics, I love being in the sun and I love food so together it's the perfect combination for me.  There were lots of food stalls, but that Sun Day Burgers caught my attention.  They had a big pink hippie van.
With no choices on the menu, it's just one burger and a choice of 3 sauces.  I like it better as it made decisions easier, and it meant that they served one thing well.  I never trust a 10-page menu.

Their vegan burger was a bit different because it was more of a sandwich.  Instead of a patty, the burger had a fried tofu steak along with cucumber, fried onions, beetroot, tomatoes, lettuce, and three delightful sauces.  Chipotle, peanut and mango.  You might think all three sauces might be too much, and I thought so too, but the woman serving me insisted on me taking all three, so I trusted her.  It was fantastic.  A delicious combination of spicy, sweet and salty.

 It was in a whole wheat seeded bun as well!  And it was only 4 euros.  I know, could this burger get any better?

Make sure you check them out, they're in Mauerpark Berlin, every Sunday from 11-5. 

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