Saturday, 5 September 2015

Best Eats This Week: Maison Blanc's Wine & Patisserie

It is romance at its peak.  In the back garden of Fulham's Maison Blanc, you have trees, flowers, wood decking, climbing plants intertwined with colorful fairy lights.  Simple wooden round tables are adorned with mini candles and a small vase of flowers.  At the corner there are two men playing Latin music on the guitar.  And it's a place to have dessert and wine. 

I had the opportunity to enjoy the evening with my platonic date.  It's a simple menu with three wines and three desserts -- you've got a Sauvignon Blanc to go with a lemon tart with the crumbliest of shortcrust pastries encasing the sweet and tangy filling.  The Cote du Rhone is paired with one of Maison Blanc's signature items, the Concerto, an indulgent chocolate dessert with a rich mousse in a sponge casing.   Lastly is the Rose Reserve St. Jacques, which complements a French formage blanc-based cheesecake containing a sharp blackberry center.
It's just a cute quirky thing to do as a date or something different after dinner.  It's what I love about London, you've got all these places to enjoy unique experiences.  It's a relaxed atmosphere, some people may still be there enjoying a late night coffee while you're sipping your wine.  Maison Blanc is a French patisserie that's been around in the UK since the 80's and they have branches all over London and beyond.  Their desserts on the menu - especially that French cheesecake, are fabulous to have as an evening treat and it's all obviously much better with a glass of wine.

Maison Blanc
Several Locations


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