Monday, 15 October 2012

Apple and Peanut Butter Polenta

No longer gluten-free!  Don't worry, I know, this is what I had yesterday as my last gluten-free breakfast.  This morning I was overjoyed with my mix-match of all-bran flakes and muesli, and I've had bread with both lunch and dinner. And mid-afternoon snack with some peanut butter because I was really hungry. 

So, for my two-week gluten free challenge:  I've gained 1kg, so I've put on what I lost in my vegan challenge.  The thing is, it really was quite boring and I ate a lot of rice, which I like.  And I ate more than I normally would just because I felt like oh it's a special diet so I can eat as much as I want, like with the vegan diet, and, well, no.  Mousses and other wheat-free desserts weren't off limits and I think that's where it hit me.  Too much chocolate mousse and cheesecake toppings. 
Anyway, so I made this yesterday.  It was a beautiful morning and as I had run out of both quinoa and polenta for breakfast, I thought it'd be a good idea to walk to the big supermarket in my town and do some shopping. 

The big supermarket, Morrison's, is significantly bigger than the two supermarkets, Tesco's and Sainsbury's, in town.  However, I rarely go just because it's a bit out of the way.  I went there yesterday morning and it took me only 15 minutes, and it was moderately sunny and it was relatively warm (I also had 3 layers on).  It was a beautiful walk and I was determined to do it more often because I love shopping in big supermarkets -- Morrison's makes me very happy.  Then on the way back -- showers, gray skies and a sudden drop in temperature, and it made me realize why I don't go to Morrison's.  I've bought all the essentially pantry ingredients that should last me for a while, so it's okay.  Well, this is what I made from my Morrison's shopping trip.  I had mixed apples and peanut butter into my polenta porridge and it's absolutely sensational.  I'm off polenta now because I've had it for two weeks straight, but, after a good week or two I'll be making this for breakfast/snack again.  

serves 1
1/4 cup quick-cook polenta
1 cup milk of your choice
2 tbsp peanut butter
1 apple -- either shredded or diced and boiled in water for a couple of minutes until softened 

Bring the milk to a boil and whisk in the polenta.  Mix in the peanut butter and apple, and if you wish, more sugar.


  1. wow that sounds particular! will try it ! and they've opened a sainsburys? where where?

    1. at the end of market street next to where Little John's used to be! Very disappointing though, smaller and more expensive than Tesco's.

  2. This is ... interesting.... sweet polenta.....

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