Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Grilled Polenta Rounds with Tomato Sauce

My dad has a natural affinity towards Jewish people, and I think that got passed down to me. I've grown up with the idea that Jewish people are just lovely people, so needless to say I often attend our university's Jewish Society's events, especially those that involve food. I love Jewish food.

Last Wednesday was a bit awkward though. It was Yom Kippur, and so it's quite a holy day in their calendar. They fast for 25 hours for atonement and repentance, and they had a service marking the end of that, in the form of a potluck. I was so excited, but unlike other Jewish Society events, I was the only non-Jew there. There was an hour of praying in which I stood there awkwardly staring at a piece of photocopied paper telling me of all the things I should be repenting for, while all the others around me sang along the prayers. I think it was longer than an hour. Then when we were finally free to go and eat I felt guilty because I had been stuffing myself the entire day, whilst the rest hadn't had even water to drink in the past 25 hours, so for once, I let others go before me at a buffet.

The amount of Jewish food present was disappointing, somebody even brought Chinese moon cakes. They did have amazing kugel though. I made this, but next time I ought to try out some nice Jewish recipes. This is gluten-free so it's perfect for my gluten-free challenge now.

200g polenta
500ml vegetable stock
500ml milk 
1/2 cup of tomato sauce (I made this but you can even do a bolognese or whatever you fancy)
a bunch of basil leaves

Bring the stock and milk together to a boil in a large pot.  Slowly whisk in the polenta in a steady steam and continue to mix until it gets thick.  Season with salt, and pour into a baking tray lined with baking paper.  Spread the mixture into an even layer with the back of a plastic spatula.  Leave to cool then use a cup to cut out rounds.  Grill or fry them. Arrange on plate, top with tomato sauce, parmesan and basil leaves.  

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