Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Mio (Beijing)

Mio is an Italian restaurant in the Four Seasons, and it's actually quite good, in fact I'd arguably say that it's the best Italian restaurant in Beijing. There are very few good Italian restaurants in Beijing, even though I'm pretty sure there are around 100 of them.  Mio's not your traditional Italian food, it's all modern with foam and gels and all that -- which is reflected in the prices

The restaurant is beautiful, and it's got an open kitchen, which for me is always a plus.  The head and sous chefs are both Italian.  They're talented, imaginative and very friendly, so feel free to chat to them if you're there. 

The meal started off with beautifully crisp bread and fragrant olive oil. 
 Tuna and fish roe. 

Scampi and fennel.
Sea urchin pasta. 
 Hake with saffron sauce and aubergine cake.  The aubergine cake was excellent, and the entire meal was excellent except for that fish.  That unfortunate overcooked fish.  This was puzzling as the chefs were evidently competent but for some reason the fish was overcooked.  Very disappointed but perhaps just a one time thing.
Pre dessert: mojito.  Pomelo and pineapples at the bottom with rum foam and mint sorbet. To die for.
 A peachy fruity dessert with peach ice cream.
 A peach and yogurt cheesecake
 a decadent chocolate and orange tart
Petit fours.

If you feel like splurging on a good meal in Beijing, this is one of the places to go.  

+86 (10) 5695 8522
Third floor, Four Seasons, Beijing

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