Thursday, 21 February 2013

How to: Flax Eggs

I'm going to keep it short and quick because I must attend to a dinner party. 

Flax eggs are often required in vegan baking.  This yields one egg, so just replace it in your normal recipes.  Obviously it only works to..hold dry ingredients together, rather than cause it to rise or something.  So you can't really replace it in fine pastries and cakes..but simple baking yes.  Also good for making veggie burgers and whatnot. 

And flax seeds are so healthy.  Oh and on a side note, flaxseeds = linseeds.  And.  While consuming 1 tbsp of it a day is incredibly healthy, make sure you eat ground flax seeds because if they're whole they'll just go through your system the way it went in.

1 tbsp flaxseeds
3 tbsp warm water

Mix the ingredients together and leave it in the bowl for about 15 minutes until it's thick.

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