Thursday, 25 April 2013

Mango Avocado Crayfish Salad

 I sometimes share too much on this blog.  If you read regularly you'll know quite a bit about my life.  It's cool, no shame, nothing to hide, but I try to be nice and not mention too many people -- just in case they actually read this.  

So I made this salad for a dinner.  First of all, I had been dreaming about these flavor combinations for a long time, but in the form of a crab salad.  No crab anywhere in town and thus I had to resort to crayfish.  I honestly think this will taste better with crab meat.  Ok take the recipe with a pinch of salt, I understand that it's not very clear, but just remember to keep tasting as you go along, so adjust the quantities of the ingredients.  Taste as you go along guys, I can't believe some people don't do this.  I'm watching Masterchef now and there are always contestants that are criticized for not tasting as they go along.  Why would you not do that?  If it's good you'll want to taste as you go along.  You gotta love your food and love the process of it.  That's why I'm usually full before dinner even begins. 

Ok so this dinner. My goodness what a dinner.  This guy made three lobsters, three dipping sauces (including a green chutney) and stir-fried noodles.  There was also a beautiful bottle of wine.  And I brought this salad. It's funny because I don't know what that dinner was.  A first date? I don't know, but my first dates are usually just coffee.  I don't know.  This is resetting my standards, now I'm expecting more guys to make lobsters for me.  No more coffees from the cafe on the corner of the street. 

1/2 large mango, diced to 1cm cubes
1/2 cup of pureed mango (chopped mango put into a food processor)
1/2 cup crayfish, slightly diced
1 avocado, diced to 1cm cubes
1 sprig spring onion, chopped
1/2 bird eye chili, minced
a bunch  basil, chopped
1 lemon
creme fraiche

Mix the mango, crayfish, avocado, chili and basil together.  Toss with olive oil, mango puree, a touch of lemon juice (the sauce will be very sharp), a touch of sugar and some salt. 

Mix the creme fraiche with lots of lemon juice and lemon zest, make it sharp as the salad will be quite sweet.  Serve the two together. 


  1. Hey Maria! Try the place on South Street, on the way to Jeanetta's. Pricey, but I think I saw crab meat in there the last time I wandered in. Huge fan FYI. :)

    1. Ah they didn't have it at that time of year! I just bought myself a dressed crab the other day - I had decided to spoil myself -- £4.

      And thanks so much! Rachel's told me wonderful things about your cooking! Have you been to this Malaysian restaurant kampong ah lee in Edinburgh?? Malaysian foods one of my fav cuisine :) I dated a Singaporean in high school whose father owned a Malaysian restaurant :D


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